Underdark Bounty Hunters


Welcome to the Underdark

You have lived your life in darkness. You have grown up in the depths of the earth, the place known as The Underdark. You spent most of the early part of your life living among the dwarves of Hammer Hall, or the gnomes of The Mushroom City, or somewhere on the frontier, constantly living with the threats of the orcs of One Eye, and the drow of Gulivas.

Through many years of hardship, and innumerable brushes with death, the Underdark has bred you into hardened warriors. You now find yourselves in the employ of The Stonewardens, a group of dwarves dedicated to bringing peace and justice to the Underdark. As hunters, you are paid to track down, then capture, or kill creatures disruptive to the region. Though you are new hunters, you already well respected in the community, bringing in several important bounties such as Balin Runehelm, enforcer for The Syndicate, and more impressively the goblin necromancer Crackjaw.

Your current contract brings you into drow territory, dangerously close to Gulivas. Your mark, a drow demonologist, and possible member of The Destroyers named Gwinnis Val’Athra. After several long months of tracking, you think you have finally found his hideout.



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