Scrungus the Obedient

Warlock Drow, bound to Tharizdun and thus shunned by his people


Slight even by Drow standards, and ugly by any, StO has a large 333 tattooed on his right arm and the Elvish word for ‘Betrayer’ forcefully tattooed across his face. He wears a hood to hide it.


Never fully fitting into the culture of Gulivas, Scrungus retreated into books and became obsessed with the arcane. Mostly ignored and occasionally insulted, he became bitter about the world around him and disillusioned about the Spider-Goddess Lolth that the rest of the Drow prayed to.

In his search for meaning, he discovered tomes regarding the ancient God in Chains known as Tharizdun – a powerful God of Entropy who was long ago sealed away by a concentrated effort of the other Gods. His research allowed him to commune with the God, although never look upon him (as his visage is known to cause madness, an affliction Scrungus was keen to avoid). He was granted great powers – but the gift had a price. Scrungus was allowed to continue to live his life as he pleased, but must be obedient to Tharizdun when commanded. In the last decade, only one rule has been set by the God – Scrungus is not allowed to create, only destroy. No children, no art, no weapons, nothing.

When he was found out by his fellow Drow, Scrungus was exiled from Gulivas and branded with the word ‘Betrayer’ in Elvish across his face. After years of wandering the Underdark, he joined a group of Bounty Hunters, using his substantial power for what he considers menial, if occasionally diverting, work.

Scrungus the Obedient

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