Dwight Delvendeep

The last of his clan, a battle-tested patriarch with 9 single daughters and nothing to lose.


Outlander Barbarian Mountain Dwarf


At 420 years young (blazeit btw), Dwight has seen a lot of shit. His hair is ashen gray, with deep brown skin that begs the question: is his skin really that dark or is it layers of dirt caked onto his face from years of life in the underdark? The only way to find out would be to touch him and frankly, Dwight doesn’t look like the kind of dude you want to touch. He’s stout and built – age has clearly had no effect on his strength. If anything, he may have actually gotten stronger with it. While Dwight tends to be a physical presence wherever he goes, there is an air wisdom about him that is impossible to ignore – this man has a wealth of experience and it shows.

Dwight is the last of Delvendeep clan – a bloodline that ended abruptly back in his youth, hundreds of years ago. The Delvendeeps were once known for their extreme attention to detail and premium minerals and as their renown grew, so did interest from groups offering to move their product across the sea (it is common knowledge that dwarves fucking hate boats, the Delvendeeps were no exception). The thuggish and puerile Stylos bullied the Delvendeeps into a contract they were forced to accept. It was the best they could do – Delvendeeps were no warriors. There were artisans, blacksmiths, and disciples of high quality craftmanship. Dwight was no exception.

One day, Dwight accompanied his kinsmen out of the mines and into town to the local marketplace where they would be delivering their next shipment of materials to the Stylos. As his men did their business, Dwight wandered around the bustling marketplace until he heard a yell that caught his attention. It was in a strange language, or maybe it was just a strange accent? Before Dwight could make any sense of it, he was suddenly knocked prone by a young black girl running from the angry voice that was now making its way towards them through the crowded marketplace. In a huff, Dwight grabbed the girl by the arm forcefully, quickly pulling her into an alley in one swift movement. As he chastised the girl for her clumsiness, the look of abject fear in her face quickly turned to one of relief – Dwight had accidentally saved her from the strange voice that was chasing her. Dwight grew irritated at her confusing reaction and grabbed an item that the girl was clutching tightly in her left hand and ripped it cleanly from her grasp. Dwight loosened his grip instantly – in his hand was an expertly crafted figure of a pregnant woman hewn from pure obsidian. With a glimmer in his eye he turned to the girl and demanded her name: Ariana Steel. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Ariana had an extraordinary gift – she was the best jeweler Dwight has even seen in his life. He made more frequent trips to the marketplace with his men, each time disappearing to meet with Ariana. He saw great potential in the girl, but no one took her work seriously. She was the youngest of local boss Denzel Steel’s three daughters. The Steel family were in direct competition with the Stylos – the two factions were constantly fighting for territory and neither side showed any sign of letting up, even when their disagreements had to be settled with bloodshed. One day, in an attempt to build Ariana’s confidence, Dwight convinced her to give him her 3 least favorite pieces with the intent to sell them to members of his clan for great profit. He knew they would fetch a fair price if he deceived his men into thinking someone else had made the jewelry, rather than telling them that a prepubescent human girl had. He would give all the money to her in hopes that she would see the proof of what Dwight had known since that day in the alleyway – that this girl was the best there was. He had become quite fond of Ariana and wanted the best for her. She was living in the shadow of all her older siblings and, most importantly, her father Denzel.

Dwight did not know that he had attracted the suspicion of his cousin Dushin – a young and stupid Delvendeep who fancied himself a Stylo. Dushin had taken notice of Dwight’s frequent absences from the group he accompanied into town and started to follow him. Since he is fucking stupid, Dushin thinks Dwight is working with some other group to make a little extra on this side without the Stylos knowing (they have an exclusive deal with the Delvendeep mine). He shares this news with his Stylo cronies, who immediately ignore him – after all he is just a fucking poser Stylo. Dushin is all butthurt (cause he is a piece of shit), and decides that the only way the Stylos will take him seriously is if he kills this agent that Dwight has been so eager to meet with every time the clan heads into town for business.

The next time they head into town, Dushin follows Dwight around the marketplace. Dwight has a burlap sack with something heavy in it – it’s the gold he got from his men for Ariana’s work. Dwight turns off the beaten path and into a beat-up shed away from all the hustle a bustle. Dushin hears the sound of celebration and rushes into the door, screaming “TRAITOR!!!”. He stabs Ariana 3 times in quick succession right in front of Dwight, killing her quickly and with little resistance. As Dushin turns from Ariana’s body to the door, he looks at Dwight. His tough face is a dark crimson and is twisted with pain. Dwight’s eyes well up with tears and he crumples to the ground, picking up Ariana’s lifeless body delicately. Dushin doesn’t get it cause he’s a fuck head. Without even acknowledging Dushin’s presence, Dwight manages one sentence in between loud, pained sobs: “YOU FOOL! YOU’VE NO IDEA WHO THIS GIRL IS!” Dwight collapses over her dead body, then quickly recoils. He turns to face Dushin. “Run!” Dushin drops the bloodied Delvendeep family dagger in his hand and runs, but the damage has been done. Dwight wipes his eyes, kisses Ariana’s forehead, closes her eyelids and runs away as fast as he can. Dushin tells the Stylos that the Steels have been trying to cut into their territory, setting more chess pieces in motion. The headstrong Stylos react quickly, arming themselves and marching on the Steel estate in a drunken stupor.

Ariana’s brother Anderson knows something isn’t right and goes to check on his sister. She’s told him about the shed she likes to hang out in – Anderson knows she likes to get away from everyone there so she can work on her figurines. He opens the door and finds his sister with a bloodied Delvendeep blade next to her. Anderson puts what he thinks is 2 and 2 together, steels himself (see what I did there), picks up her body, and heads back to the Steel estate. With Ariana’s body still in his arms, Anderson kicks in the door to his father Denzel’s office. Anderson explains the Delvendeep blade and Denzel makes his decision. The Steels will mobilize on the dwarven mine with intent to wipe out the entire clan, effective immediately.

Dwight is still running. Exhausted, he stops and falls to his knees to catch his breath. He knows what is surely happening in town and in the mine. He knows the price of Dushin’s decision. He understands the finality of the situation.The Steels are thorough – they will take no prisoners and will not rest until all Delvendeeps have been accounted for and subsequently executed. You can’t kill a Steel without paying for it dearly. The Stylos will march of the Steel estate and lose. They are headstrong and are poorly organized brawn. They are no match. Denzel alone could defeat them. Dwight can’t stop the tears and just lets it rip – his sadness slowly turns to anger and his screams echo through the hills outside the city, causing birds to scatter form their trees. Dwight has lost everything and puts the blame squarely on his shoulders. After all, there isn’t anyone left in his clan who is alive to take the responsibility. If he had just left the girl alone she’d still be alive and happy! Ariana deserved better…

Dwight tries to sleep but he’s haunted by nightmares of Ariana in the shed – she is smiling and coughing blood out of her mouth as she laughs harder and harder until her eyeballs burst, waking him up. Dwight rises abruptly, rips off all his armor and screams at the sky. In his anguish, Dwight comes to the realization that he may as well be dead. He is the last of his clan. There is no life without the clan. A star shoots across the sky and Dwight is reminded of an old tale that his great-great-grandfather Derrock used to tell him when he was a baby. The tale spoke of an ancient elite order of dwarves – soldiers – who believed that they were already dead and the only way to regain your life was to kill. They struck fear into the wily souls who dared to inhabit The Underdark. They were called The Damned. Dwight’s face hardened. He was damned. He was already dead. That night, Dwight found his way into the Underdark.

300 years have passed. Dwight is one of the rare few who leave The Damned – with 263 kills to his name. He is revered among their ranks as “a man who is truly alive”. He is an old man, but looking no worse for wear. At this point in his life, Dwight’s only concern is with the restoration of his clan. He has already raised 9 children (through 6 women) – all female, all currently unmarried. Each a reminder of little Ariana. The future is uncertain. Dwight knows his strengths – if he’s going to salvage the Delvendeep clan name, he’s going to have to kick some prime ass to get the kind of press he’s looking for.

Dwight Delvendeep

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