Kelvin Brassbolt

You know... the Legendary Dwarven Hunter...


The Brassbolts, unlike many Dwarven families, were fine craftsmen – forging, carving and detailing fine items from stone and metal. Their work was known to be sturdy and handsome, and Brassbolts of each generation were trained by their parents in the same way. So, too, was Kelvin trained in his youth. He made cutlery, tankards, hilts and pommels until he was a young man.

After his parents retired, his eldest brother, Baryn, inherited the shop. Kelvin worked there for some time, but felt deeply restless. He felt that he was building no future for himself. He longed to make something of his own life, not in service of his brother’s shop or in the shadow of his family, or his lineage, or his clan.

It was this feeling that spurred him to action when his Great-Uncle Salazar Stoneheart passed through town. Kelvin had always been a capable hunter himself – he’d venture off occasionally to bring back some stew meats and furs for helm detailing. But Salazar Stoneheart… he was a true woodsman. He lived his life out in the wilds of the world, taking what he needed from the land and creating the rest himself. He was gruff and unpolished, but he was mostly the one thing Kelvin longed to be… novel.

By the time Salazar left town, Kelvin was at his side as his ranger’s apprentice. For the next 10 years, Kelvin grew into a formidable hunter. He learned everything Salazar had to teach. He became a crack shot with a crossbow. He learned to focus the magics of the wild. He learned to be his own man.

After ten years, Salazar took Kelvin on a trek. Four months they traveled until they reached a lone and ancient tree – called a Mithril Tree (in the best translation from Dwarvish) – not near the color of its metal namesake, but light and strong to the same degree. There they cautiously, slowly, and reverently carved out a block of the rich red wood from the tree. With great care, this wood would be slowly carved into Kelvin’s own crossbow.

Months later, Great-Uncle Salazar Stoneheart was buried beneath that same tree, in rich, dark soil, by Kelvin himself.

Kelvin continued his life in solace for some time. Having mastered the wilds, he began to search out larger challenges. He killed his first Grumsbokk before the age of 90. He made a name for himself by felling the Slough Beast of Berkshire. He’s hunted an Umber Hulk in the Deep Forest of Tres’revel’igna, the harpies of Eastcliff, even the Black Banshee of Seriah.

Kelvin Brassbolt travels the entirety of the Material Plane, hunting legendary beasts and monsters. After months on the hunt, he stops briefly in a town, selling or trading the pelts, leather or meats from his latest kill. He enjoys meeting people (and women), drinking down exotic ale, and sharing stories of his hunts past. But his time in any one place is brief, and often only ends up leaving with half the gold he earned.

Now, having hunted his way through the beasts and monstrosities of the surface, Kelvin Brassbolt has set out to make a name for himself in the Underdark.

Kelvin Brassbolt

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