Bounty Hunter/Philosopher


Coiled and thin, disheveled graying hair, a gaunt face, and eyes that look hollow, through and through.


Noewyn was once a noble of some provincial duchy. Like so many mystics before him, he became disenchanted with his own privilege and stripped himself of his title, name, and all his wealth. Then he journeyed into the underdark, and began his spiritual journey for enlightenment.

First, he met the Myconids. These pacifist beings were pleasant and peaceful, and they were happy to let Noewyn live among them for several years. During this time, Noewyn was hallucinating constantly. Eventually, he opened his mind, and took his first step towards enlightenment. Once he felt he had learned all there was to learn from his new fungal friends, he continued on his way…

Next, he met the Flumphs. Another sentient, psychic race, the Flumphs helped Noewyn learn ways to survive in the underdark. They taught him of the customs, of the cultures, and of the geography. And despite excelling among these learned jellyfish, Noewyn still felt a void in his life. There was something missing. He had these abilities to know and see and control the world around him with his mind, but he did not know how or why? So after a year with the Flumphs, he journeyed deeper…

After some time, Noewyn found the Illithids. The Mind Flayers. These beings had such power and understanding, they made the other intelligent creatures of the world seem like ants. Noewyn camped outside their city, begging entry every day. Attempting to prove himself strong enough to enter. Eventually, they sent an assassin to kill Noewyn. Noewyn dispatched the assassin and promptly ate his brain. The Mind Flayers were impressed by this, so they let him in. Among the Illithids, Noewyn discovered the secrets of the mind. He learned to dissect a thought, to consume an emotion. But he saw a deep pain in the Illithids. They could feed on the joy and love of the other intelligent creatures of the world but they could not feel those emotions on their own. They were so powerful, so enlightened, and yet they were so lacking. Noewyn pitied these poor creatures, and eventually they revolted him. So he left.

Finally, Noewyn was alone. And in his solitude, he waited for his ultimate inspiration to arrive. Here, in the darkness, he found the great Way of Unity. Here, he discovered that all is one and that, like wrinkles in a sheet, we can never create or destroy, only adjust the shape of the great unified entity that is all of the multiverse.

After having figured this out, Noewyn returned to civilization to teach his philosophy to the men and women of Mushroom city. Soon after arriving, Noewyn became deeply enamoured with the little city by the undersea. He became friends with the scholars of Bonniton University but found their paltry obsession with the Arcane to be a waste of time. He enjoyed more his time with the dock workers and Fungus Harvesters. The dirty-faced workers of Mushroom City. He soon made the acquaintance of Kurgle Bloodnuggets, who worked in similar social circles to Noewyn. Kurgle offered Noewyn a job as a bounty hunter, and Noewyn agreed. He’d love to help maintain order in this auspicious city.


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