Xiomara "Z.O."

Drug-addled Half-Orc Bard


Xiomara’s mother was a prostitute at Cassandra’s Pleasure House but died shortly after Xiomara was born. Xiomara had a rather lonely, unsheltered childhood within the House. She never slept with any of the clientele, rather growing up under the tutelage of the House’s famous bard Vorkul. She was trained in percussion and voice, eventually becoming well known in her own right under her nickname “Z.O.”

In her late teens, Z.O. became addicted to a tar. After being brought to Cassandra’s attention, Z.O. was sent to a rehab facility in Mushroom City. After a couple of relapses and re-admissions into rehab, Z.O.’s treatment specialist highly suggested she work on creating an outlet for her aggression. The clinic got her in touch with Noewyn, a well-regarded bounty hunter and philosopher. Z.O. joined Noewyn and his fellow bounty hunters employed by the Stonewardens a few months before the capture of Crackjaw.

During the long months of tracking down the current target, Gwinnis, Z.O. has become increasingly morose, losing interest in her studies and feeling disconnected from the group. If only she could find just the tiniest bit of tar….

Xiomara "Z.O."

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