Demolition Expert Background

You assemble, dismantle, and use explosives and weapons of destruction, including siege weapons. Maybe were in the military, and you built bombs that you threw into the throngs of invading hordes, launched boulders from catapults into enemy towers, or drove a mech through the front line of an enemy army. Or perhaps you belonged to an organization of criminals or rebels, and you were the one who blew up the safe or caused the buildings of oppressors crumble. Whatever the case, you know the power of weapons of destruction and harnessed them to make structures and enemies fall.

Skill Proficiencies
Arcana, Investigation

Tool Proficiencies
Siege Weapons or Mechs, Bomb-Makers Kit

A bomb-makers kit, a collapsible 10-foot pole, a piece of shrapnel from unique explosive you haven’t been able to identify, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Bomb Sniffer: Because of your experience with weapons of destruction, you know the best place to find explosives, siege weapons, and ingredients for making bombs. These items are not always readily available for free, but if an orc raid happens, you know right where to go, be it a secret underground black market, the roof of an aberrant ruin, or the local barracks. Your DM can rule their may be no such weapons around. The team you worked with, military or criminal, may be able to sometimes provide you with rare bomb ingredients you need at the DM’s discretion.

Suggested Characteristics
As a demolitions expert, you really know your way around explosives and siege weapons. As such, you have seen more destruction and death in one moment than some may ever seen in a lifetime. This experience has shaped the way you view the world and you know better than most how fragile life really is.

Personality Trait
1. The act of destruction is an art form to me, and I enjoy watching structures topple and break.
2. I am a weapon content to take orders from others.
3. I talk nonstop about the various ingredients in bombs and I constantly make metaphors using explosions.
4. I’m a stickler for safety and make sure at all times no one is doing something to unnecessarily jeopardize the well-being of themselves or others.
5. I love to experiment with different types of flammable materials to see if I can make a better bomb.
6. Life’s too short to worry about what others think of me, so I speak my mind at all times.
7. I could be dead tomorrow, so I party hard today.
8. I love to tell others the stories of my demolitions, but only when they ask.

1. Fun. I love a good explosion – they’re hilarious. (Chaotic)
2. Power. I blow things up so people know I could end them at any moment. (Evil)
3. Protection. In a world of enemies and monsters, I believe the best defense is a better offense. (Neutral)
4. Freedom. Sometimes those in power can only be removed if you have the better weapon. (Chaotic)
5. Hierarchy. People get hurt when the wrong person is giving the order to light the fuse. (Lawful)
6. Greater Good. I only use explosives when there is no other option left to save innocent lives. (Good)

1. There’s one type of explosive I fear more than any other because it has literally scarred me.
2. I am haunted by the memories of innocent people one of my explosions accidentally killed. I will make it up to their families.
3. I will be better at my craft than my mentor ever was.
4. I built an enormous explosive and lost it. I’m searching for it before it gets used by the wrong people.
5. I would do anything for the people I worked with long ago.
6. There is a settlement that was unkind to me and my family. I will return there and burn it to the ground.

1. I am too quick to anger and use weapons of destruction as the solution to a problem.
2. I am obnoxious and have a difficult time doing anything quietly.
3. I believe I am only good at one thing and all other tasks are beyond me.
4. I really like fiddling with explosives – too much.
5. I enjoy practical jokes which result in the physical harm of others and their property.
6. I am so nervous and cautious it often prevents me from taking action when I should.

Demolition Expert Background

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