Underdark Bounty Hunters

Back to School
The Misfits almost fight competently

After the murder of Bulbar the Friendly Narcotic’s salesman, Harrumphry had to avoid detection of the pirates around Brechenport who had organized a search party to hunt down and kill any members of The Misfits who remained on the island. Harrumphry attempted to track Dwight Delvendeep through the city and eventually picked up his trail. Dwight’s path and trail of corpses led Harrumphry through Brechenport where he learned that even Melina Atherton was organizing a hunt of the group. Fleeing to the docks, Harrumphry attempted to commandeer a large steam ship but realized he could not pilot it, instead settling on a rotting wooden dingy.

After aimlessly floating on the Undersea, Harrumphry came across the same derelict ship that the rest of the group had investigated in the previous session. Commandeering that boat, Harrumphry headed towards Bonniton University. As he approached, he heard explosions. Cutting the engines, he coasted towards the docks. Upon hearing drow voices, and the sound of corpses being thrown into the sea, Harrumphry decided to crash his boat into the docks and bail out the side. Jumping into the water, Harrumphry’s boat crashed into the other boat The Misfits had previously crashed into the docks, killing more drow. Disguised as a collection of refuse, Harrumphry noticed several dead drow which did not appear to have been killed by the boats, or Misfits.

Climbing out of the water, Harrumphry found the main freight elevator into the university had been destroyed. Using a set of stairs next to the elevator, Harrumphry climbed to the university. In the course of his climb, he found the remains of several dead gnomes in various academic regalia. Stripping the corpses, and collecting several books, Harrumphry completed his ascent to the university. Entering through an alarmed emergency exit door and propping the door open with a book.

The rest of the Misfits stood in the corridor and greeter Harrumphry before attempting to find Kurgle Bloodnuggets. Noewyn attempted to locate Kurgle but found him to be in four different locations: his office, the student barracks, the alchemy lab, and the library. Using Noewyn’s ability to teleport between locations, the group first checked his office. After a search, Xiomara found Kurgle’s tuxedo and decided to wear his top hat. Also found in the office was one of Kurgle’s tusks. The group then teleported into the alchemy lab which was on fire.

From the persepective of the drow supply unit in the student barracks an eclectic group of bounty hunters appeared in midair, on fire. Falling to the ground, the group immediately panicked about the unconscious death of a flumph that a human was wearing on his head. After reviving Captain Hat, they turned their attention to the drow who looked upon the spectacle dumbfounded. Noewyn quickly used his powers to drive most of the squad insane, violently attacking themselves, and each other. The two remaining drow surrendered. During interrogation, they found that the drow were there looking for a gnome professor with a background in ancient cultures so they could pursue the Cursed Child. The drow refused to give any further information out of fear ofErevus. Noewyn killed one painlessly, Xiomara killed the other brutally after he made a racial comment about half orcs. After brutally beating him to death, Xiomara felt a significant amount of discomfort with how the drow’s jaw was bashed off in the course of her attack.

Teleporting to the library, Kelvin immediately shot an object coming direcly at him which turned out to be a book. Books were noted to be flying around the room, organizing themselves. The group also immediately came under fire from unknown attackers in the library. They took cover behind a cloud of darkness created by Scrungus. Xiomara and Harrumphry managed to flank two attackers on a balcony and attack them well along. Noewyn used teleportation to place Kelvin on the balcony where he was able to assist in the attack. Scrungus then flew through his cloud of darkness, leaving Noewyn alone where he was attacked by a drow assassin and was almost killed despite using his teleportation abilities to attempt to remove himself from harm. After the other drow were killed and the assassin was restrained by Kelvin, Noweyn was stablilized by Scrungus but only barely survived. Though the assassin was able to escape, the other drow were killed. The group, having found Kurgle who had teleported into the form of a book they escaped into the harbor.

After speaking with Kurgle, it became clear that the drow were there looking forProfessor Quiggleworth, had captured him, and had transported him to the Abyss.

A Briefcase Full of Guts
The Misfits go back to school

While Harrumphry and Dwight clean up the murder of Bulbar the Friendly Narcotics Salesman, the rest of the gang set sail for Bonniton University.

The Misfits and Captain Hat took to The Undersea to find Kurgle Bloodnuggets. About a mile from Bonniton, the group found another derelict vessel of gnomish design. It was apparently abandoned, though there were some blood stains of the deck. They found grappling hook marks on the side of the ship and the vessel had a stink of rotting flesh.

Moving on to Bonniton, the group heard several explosions as they approached. Upon reaching the docks, they found several drow warriors tossing gnomish corpses into the sea. They wore the intestines of their slain foes around their necks. Scrungus recognized this group as The Visceral, an elite group of drow warriors led by a demon known as Erevus the All Seeing.

Casting darkness on the boat, the Misfits crashed the boat into the dock while Noewyn teleported the group to the base of the freight elevator leading to the university. However, a purple worm smashed through the elevator causing it to tumble to the ground. The group then teleported to a closet. After leaving the room into the corridor, Kelvin was almost shot by a drow assassin hanging from the ceiling of the elevator shaft but after being spotted, the assassin dropped down the mineshaft.

A Steamboat Full of Corpses
The Misfits clean up a mess, then make a bigger one.

Recovering from their battle with Whorebreaker at Cassandra’s Pleasure House, the Misfits took an opportunity to discuss The Cursed Child with Cassandra. They discussed the nature of the beast, it’s current residence at Blood Reef, and the countermeasures they could use to protect themselves from the creature. Noewyn suggested Scrungus use magical darkness to approach the creature. After Cassandra informed him it would not work, he suggested they use blindfolds but she suggested that mere proximity to the creature would cause insanity.

Xiomara suggested the group go talk to Kurgle Bloodnuggets at Bonniton University to discuss further options. Cassandra agreed to allow the group to take a boat if they were willing to dispose of the corpses from the brothel massacre in The Undersea near Blood Reef. The PCs agreed and took a gnomish steamship that belonged to a mercenary group. Harrumphry collected several pieces of rotting corpses and a genital piercing which he hung from his face.

On the steamship, the Misfits noticed the Kuo-Toa on Blood Reef appeared to be celebrating by immolating several members of their community as an extensive blood sacrifice. They also found a Flumph on a small rock island, surrounded by dead fish. The Flumph was upside down and unable to right itself. After being flipped to its normal orientation, it explained that it had been drifting across the Undersea after leaving Silverwing Lair. After being informed by the Misfits that Silverwing had been killed, they had to explain euthanasia to the creature in a way that wouldn’t leave him too depressed. The Flumph also informed the group that the fish were on the island because something made them not want to be in the water.

The Misfits dumped the corpses as requested by Cassandra. The Flumph had decided it wanted to ride on Noewyn’s head and took on the name Captain Hat. While the corpses were being disposed of, Kelvin attempted to distract Captain Hat so he wouldn’t be upset by the body disposal. After several attempts by Captain Hat to climb on Kelvin’s head, Kelvin flipped the Flumph on his back and was subsequently sprayed with foul sludge.

As the bodies were disposed of, the group noticed a ship adrift in the sea with no running lights, appearing to be abandoned. The deck was covered in blood stains and a corpse was caught on the ropes on the front of the ship. After some investigation, the group entered the lower compartment of the ship where they met Melina Atherton who had been second in command of the Brechenport fleet. She explained that Admiral Edem Battleborn had been commanding the ship until they fished something out of the water that drove the crew mad. Melina hid below decks with several other pirates until the dust settled, then declared herself the new admiral.

After brief negotiations, the Misfits towed Melina and her crew back to Brechenport. Upon reaching the pirate city, the Misfits started some trouble. Dwight briefly discussed a wholesale purchase of blacktar from a friendly narcotics distributor who told him he was out of his league. Dwight agreed and while he was leaving, Harrumphry attempted to steal some raw blacktar plants. Hopping over the wall into the field of plants, he tripped the alarm. Upon coming to the other side of the fence, the friendly drug dealer attempted to ask the myconid to return his narcotics. Despite the man making no hostile action, Harrumphry poisoned his mind with spores and killed him. Upon searching his corpse, he found a note reminding the man about his anniversary and found a bracelet with diamonds for his wife “Maria” whom Harrumphry plans to track down for some reason. Kelvin retreated to the local in “The Even Keel” which was made from the skeleton of an old ship. There he cleaned the flumph juice off himself and watched Melina’s speech announcing herself as the new admiral. Xiomara resisted the temptation to buy blacktar. Scrungus, looking to buy a new hat found a shop with a man selling fedoras and one pink scarf hat. Instead of coin for purchase, The Hat Dealer wanted Scrungus to beat one of the mentally handicapped dwarves he kept around the store. Scrungus instead beat the hat salesman to death and stole all of his hats but did not unchain any of the mentally handicapped people from the walls as he left.

The Trek to Silverwing's Lair
The Misfits Travel to the Dragon's Lair and Kill a Peace Loving Hippie

After the battle with Silverwing the Misfits, specifically Scrungus received a magical message from Gerbo Ningen in the form of a magical butterfly. Scrungus immediately crushed it, and in bug guts on his hand saw it was an invitation for the Misfits to meet him at the headquarters of the Mushroom City Arcane Interdiction Force. After brief interactions with Kurgle Bloodnuggets which mostly consisted of telling him he should kill himself, the group returned to The Mushroom City.

There was severe damage to The Tentacle Markets and The Grand Fungi from Silverwing’s assault. The people of the city continued to cower, not knowing if the dragon was going to return. Upon reaching the tower, the group had a terse interaction with the receptionist who they learned was named Regis Killbin from his employee of the month plaque.

The group met Gerbo in his office where he discussed the sarcophagus and the recent plague of madness. He told the group that the sarcophagus was found deep in The Maw and was transported back to the city with the help of The Bloodnugget Gang. He also told them that it was not opened except for by one Arcane Interdiction Force mage who attempted to attack the group that was transporting the item. This mage was stopped by Rondo Rasterbilt who was also driven partially insane when he caught a glimpse inside the sarcophagus. Gerbo requested the Misfits investigate the dragon’s lair and see if there were any clues to the nature of what is causing the madness, or where it has headed.

The group set out again to reach Silverwing Lair. Along the way they encountered a group of trolls guarding a bridge. The trolls led by a particular gigantic specimen named Pugel Stickyfingers was easily duped by Noewyn and his psychic powers. The group noticed the trolls were piling dead kobolds onto a pile, when the trolls were asked about this they said the kobolds had attacked them but were easily killed.

As the group approached the lair, they came across the cult that worshiped Silverwing. The group, The Radiant Children, made camp at the base of the lair with a long set of stairs leading up. Upon entering the chamber where the cult was camped, the Misfits noted a man who was crucified upside down and disemboweled. However other members of the cult appeared to be acting normally. After some scouting by Harrumphry the group ascertained that the cultists had not been afflicted with madness.

Approaching the cult, the Misfits spoke with Talia Moonwalker, the new leader of the cult after its original leader Brixton Mier crucified and disemboweled himself. The group learned from Talia that Brixton had been in the lair with Silverwing and one of Silverwing’s sons Medrash. She told the Misfits that his other sons Albetheradas, Tenivarum, and Nadarr were out on business at this time but had returned to the lair.

Talia was resistant to the idea of allowing the group to enter the lair, but after some stellar diplomacy from Xiomara, she agreed to allow the half-orc to enter the lair with her to meet with the sons of Silverwing. Noewyn, fearing for Xiomara’s safety, disagreed with the plan and attempted to forcibly walk into the lair. Talia and the other cultists formed a wall on the stairs to prevent the advance. At this time the party began using magic to disarm the cultists leading Talia to cast a cone of cold against the Misfits leading to her being attacked by the Misfits and ultimately being killed by Harrumphry.

Having felt the group had committed murder, Kelvin took time to bury Talia’s body where he found something compelling.

The Funeral of Rondo Rasterbilt
The Misfits Murder a Benevolent Dragon Who Was Minding His Own Business

The Misfits met at a cave overlooking the sea for the funeral of Rondo Rasterbilt. In attendance were Kurgle Bloodnuggets, Kilgore Ironfist, and Ronda Rasterbilt. The ceremony was officiated by a dwarven battle priest of Claggedin Silverbeard named Muldor Ironsmite. After some poignant speeches, the dragon Silverwing appeared in the distance. The dragon grabbed Muldor, carried him out over the Undersea and ripped him in half. The dragon went on to attack the Misfits, who after some wacky tactical decisions were able to defeat the dragon. Unfortunately Kilgore and Ronda were killed in the combat, and The Mushroom City was attacked several times when Silverwing broke off from combat.

Party reactions to the clearly mad dragon ranged from stoicism to Xiomara cradling the head of the nearly decapitated dragon crying.

I Think We Have a PR Problem
The Misfits Try to be Socially Functional

The Misfits having found information that Kurgle Bloodnuggets and The Bloodnugget Gang were at a tavern called Tankard, the gang decided to investigate. Upon coming to Tankard, Dwight and Kelvin entered the establishment as most non-dwarves are not welcome in the tavern. Though Harrumphry also entered the tavern and impersonated a stool. Upon entering the tavern, they found Kurgle, Kilgore Ironfist, and Ronda Rasterbilt, wife of Rondo Rasterbilt drinking at the bar. They found Rondo’s corpse laying on the bar with six arrows, and two shortswords still protruding from his body. His corpse was also noted to be significantly burned. The group learned that Rondo had been killed in an ambush placed by a duergar sorcerer, though Rondo was able to kill the mage and most of his subordinates. The drinking they found was part of a dwarven tradition of drinking for 2 days to honor the fallen warrior.

Meanwhile, knowing they were not welcome at Tankard, Xiomara and Scrungus proceeded to go to The Purple Mushroom to drink their issues away. Xiomara played a mediocre show while Scrungus got drunk and eventually left the tavern after a minor spat with Moira “Pipesmoke” Nickels, the barkeep. To brighten his spirits, Xiomara took Scrungus to The Fleshroom to attempt to purchase some female company for him. She was unfortunately unsuccessful.

During the course of their meandering around The Mushroom City, the gang performed several social fumblings:

1. Acting super weird with the Bounty Mistress at the local office of The Stonewardens.

2. Attempting to talk their way into the headquarters of Mushroom City Arcane Interdiction Force, only to almost be “purged” from the room by The Receptionist.

3. Harrumphry attempting to interrogate a mushroom to find the whereabouts of Gerbo “Sparkles” Ningen, then in his frustration, murdering said mushroom.

4. Harrumphry attempting to get Kurgle to reveal information to him “from logical mind to logical mind” as he blasted Kurgle with love spores.

5. Every time Harrumphry did anything.

6. Kelvin telling some very obviously bullshit stories to Kurgle.

7. Dwight not recognizing that Osrick Runehelm, brother to Balin Runehelm who was captured by The Misfits, and Breunor Runehelm who was recently killed by The Misfits.

8. Noewyn spending the entire session sitting in the tavern, playing with his balls.

Danger in Mushroom City
Everybody Almost Dies in an Ambush

Upon coming to The Mushroom City, the Misfits decide to immediately seek out Kurgle Bloodnuggets and his group. Harrumphry abruptly leaves the group so he can go commune with mushrooms. The group first decides to check The Blackened Cask, the largest tavern in the city but on their way stops at Naz’s Mystical Emporium where they met Breena “Badger” Beren. At the shop, Noewyn is given a cursed ring by Breena that turns its wearer into a tree, but the group did not acquire any other items. Noewyn was interested in a potion that grants immortality “with a caveat” but was unable to afford it.

After leaving the Emporium the group continued their journey to The Blackened Cask. Along the way they spotted an orc named Bront whom they knew had a bounty on his head. Chasing Bront into an alleyway, they saw him get shot in the eye with a crossbow bolt fired by The Arbalist, a Syndicate assassin. A barricade of barrels is also dropped behind them, trapping them in the alley. There they encountered Breunor Runehelm, the brother of Balin Runehelm whom the group captured several months prior. Breunor was looking for revenge for his brother and planned to kill the Misfits. Before the group could react, Kelvin was shot with a poisoned crossbow bolt. The group engaged in close combat with Breunor and his skirmishers, but largely held off on attacking the Arbalist. This was a mistake that almost cost Kelvin, Scrungus, and Xiomara their lives. Noewyn had to evacuate several party members, and stabilize them after they fell to the Arbalist’s bolts. Somehow Dwight managed to finish the battle unharmed. After Breunor was killed, Noewyn confronted the Arbalist in the room he was firing from using his flight ability to enter the building. Noewyn demanded the Arbalist stop attacking him. The assassin agreed to a cease fire and immediately teleported away.

After killing several dwarves in the middle of a city, Noewyn found the first guard patrol he could. The one he came across happened to be a group of gnomish mages in the Mushroom City Arcane Interdiction Force led by a particularly humorless gnome named Aldo “Iron Soul” Cobbel. Kelvin fled the scene before the investigators arrived, not being a local. After some intense questioning, and threats to follow up with The Stonewardens about the group’s identities, the Misfits were allowed to leave the scene of the ambush.

The group came to The Blackened Cask where they learned that Kurgle was at Tankard mourning the death of Rondo Rasterbilt who was recently killed completing a bounty. Noewyn spent a significant amount of time at the tavern trying to convince Edo “Tondeaf” Ton to stop singing, even going so far as to cast a silence spell on the tavern so the group could drink in peace, having just narrowly escaped death. In the course of their tavern investigation, they also learned that some members of The Radiant Children have been affected by the madness sweeping the underdark.

The group set off to Tankard, hopefully to find Kurgle and the rest of The Bloodnugget Gang.

Blood Party at Blood Pool
The Misfits Experience a Swedish Death Metal Album

After some unorthodox means of disposing of the dead orcs, goblins, and giants scattered around Fort Steingardt, the Misfits were summoned to the office of the garrison commander Tolbera Balderk. The group was asked to stop helping with the disposal of bodies as it was disturbing the dwarves, particularly the method Scrungus was using (chopping them up and stuffing them into a bag of holding). Tolbera also asked the group to investigate the orcish outpost at Blood Pool. Based on the enemy casualty reports, she suspects that they had faced the combined might of this fort and Bone Snap. Hoping to deduce some cause to the madness, she dispatched the Misfits to Blood pool.

Along the way, the group found dozens of bodies in the caverns leading to Blood Pool. Along the wall, Kelvin discovered a secret door built into the wall with a symbol of Cleggedin Silverbeard along the wall. Noewyn was able to deduce that this was the key hole, but was unable to open the door. They moved on from this door and continued to the fort. They discovered several other tunnels branching off from the main one, but didn’t investigate any, especially the one where they could hear a goblin cutting off his own fingers to impress his friend “Rocco”.

The group came to Blood Pool where they found a cornucopia of carnage. The gate was propped open with dozens of corpses that had been smashed between the doors, apparently by a giant. Inside the fort, they found a fountain that sprayed blood and was stuffed full of rotting human, dwarf, elf, gnome, goblin, and orc corpses, and the massive corpse of a hill giant who’s chest was ripped open, and all of his organs were removed. Amidst this carnage, they discovered a single goblin named Nub-Gol attempting to clean the mess left behind. The Misfits found Nub-Gol to be quite mad. He did not seem to understand that there had been some kind of fight at the fort, only that “everybody made a mess”. He did describe a human child entering the fort immediately before the madness struck and hiding under a bed while the combat ensued.

Nub-Gol brought the group to “meet the commander”. Upon entering the command section of the fort, they found the fort commander Morguul crucified against the wall and disemboweled. Nub-Gol did not seem to register that Morguul was dead, and continued speaking to him as if he were alive. Xiomara distracted Nub-Gol with the prospect of helping him move the hill giant corpse while the group stripped Morguul’s body. The Noewyn did find a letter from Morguul to his wife Garka in One Eye, which described some troop movements.

After investigating the rest of the fort, the group decided to head to Bone Snap, but was belayed by Tolbera who informed them via their sending stone that the other fort was reoccupied by about 300 orcs, goblins, and giants. The group headed back to Fort Steingardt. As they returned, Harrumphry came to and regained his sanity, for the time being. As they returned to the dwarven fort, the group investigated some side tunnels, discovering multiple scenes of slaughter. From the tunnel they had heard the goblin mutilating himself, they found said goblin had slit his own throat, but had also carved the name “Rocco” into the forehead of another dead goblin whom he had positioned to watch his self-mutilation show.

After receiving their payment from Tolbera, the group continued on to The Burning Effigy, which they were wholly unimpressed by, despite several party members noticing it had moved since last they saw it. The group continued, despite some attempted stupidity by Scrungus and finally reached The Mushroom City.

Battle at Fort Steingardt
The Misfits Stomp Some Orcs

The Misfits, enjoying some restful sleep in the common room of A Battle Weary Respite were rudely awakened by the sounds of horns, and the rumble of battle. The members of the group who awoke began donning their armor. Moments later a large boulder ripped through the wall of the inn, killing several people sleeping in the common room, barely missing Dwight who continued to sleep soundly, despite the screaming wounded all around them. This was unfortunately also not enough to snap Harrumphry out of his psychosis.

Through the hole in the wall, the group was able to see an army consisting of thousand of orcs and goblins, along with several ogres, ettins, and cave giants who were hurling the boulders (and some goblins) at the fort. Noewyn flew through the hole in the wall and immediately entered the fray. Flying, he was able to use his mind control to temporarily slow down the two cave giants using a battering ram on the front door of the fort. Xiomara and Scrungus dimension doored to the top of the wall and began to fight there. After using his abilities to comprehend what the orcs were saying, Noewyn noticed some of the orcs were speaking gibberish. Many were fighting each other, or aimlessly wandering the battlefield.

The orcs soon managed to smash through the front door, where they were met by a dwarven phalanx which managed to immediately begin cutting down the horde. However, a flanking force had infiltrated the fort and was moving to attack the phalanx from behind. Scrungus very ungracefully fell off the wall attempting to reach the flanking force and was rebuked by the dwarves in the phalanx. Around this time, Dwight rolled out of bed and entered the fray. Between his fury, the various mind control and magic of Scrungus, Xiomara, and Noewyn, and Kelvin’s crossbow, the flanking force was defeated. At some point in here, Noewyn used his rod of rulership to convince a large portion of the orc army to go to sleep.

After the flanking force was defeated, Tolbera Balderk, the commander of Fort Steingardt asked the group to take care of the giants, as they were close to penetrating the wall with their boulders. Utilizing a secret escape passage, the group was able to flank the giants. They captured several orcs in a forcefield and bounced them around like a beach ball, killing all inside, then scared off one giant, then polymorphed the other into a seahorse after making it attack the orcish horde. With that, the orcish horde fled, wandered away, or died.

Into the Underdark
The Misfits Run Into an Old Friend

After bidding farewell to the The House of Stone, the Misfits began their long journey to The Mushroom City to speak with Kurgle Bloodnuggets and Gerbo Ningen about a means to possibly counteract future madness like what they saw at the House of Stone. They are also hoping to be pointed in the direction of a cause.

After doing some successful foraging, the group made camp, and drank heavily with a group of dwarven merchants headed for Hammer Hall. Xiomara attempted to seduce them into giving the party alcohol with a drum routine that failed terribly, but the merchants were enthralled with the death metal performance put on by Scrungus, and the flute accompaniment by Kelvin. After a night of drinking and failed lizard climbing, the group moved on.

The group continued on as the roads became more and more empty. However, they did come across Naz “Coinhound” Setasac, and Ilda Ironforge as they made their way to Hammer Hall with a load of magical items for sale. Several items were purchased and exchanged. Scrungus had a suit of studded leather armor that he took from some of Gwinnis Val’Athra’s bodyguards at the Drow Hideout. This took a day, since nobody could stand to be around Naz and his incessant attempts to sell items to the group, several of them pursued their own activities. Kelvin and Dwight successfully hunted a grick.

After parting the company of Naz and his convoy, the party made their way closer to The Bleeding Caverns where they encountered a destroyed gnomish caravan carrying zurkhwood. The gnomes were being eaten by a group of undead when the party approached. The undead included several wights, zombies, and one beholder zombie. After attacking the undead, Noewyn took gaseous form and entered one of the carts. He found himself face to face with Crackjaw who almost killed Noewyn with a finger of death spell. Soon all of the undead converged on him, and he was forced to withdraw. The rest of the group was able to skillfully defeat the undead, and Crackjaw was killed after Xiomara was able to skillfully deploy a counterspell as he was preparing to cast circle of death, then blinded him. With Crackjaw dead, the group collected his head and moved on.

The group came to Fort Steingardt where they were allowed to enter the facility. The group quickly made their way to A Battle Weary Respite where Noewyn started a bar fight with an elite dwarven warrior after attempting to convince said warrior that he was a dog. The fight ended with Noewyn dramatically telekenetically throwing himself across the room. Xiomara however chatted up the barkeep Hildie who proved to be remarkably energetic. The information she learned was that lately, orcs from One Eye have been moving giants up to Blood Pool and Bone Snap, and that the garrison commander Tolbera Balderk has been pacing the walls talking to herself at night, and can sometimes be heard screaming from her quarters.

After a rowdy night at the bar, the group settled in and went to sleep.


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