Admiral Edem Battleborn

Deceased- Pirate Lord of Brechenport


Admiral Edem is the legendary pirate commander of Brechenport. She is a dwarven woman, who formerly served in the dwarven navy, stationed at Seaview. After being shipwrecked, Edem was captured by pirates. Initially she was a slave, but after challenging an orcish pirate to a duel, where she killed said pirate with her bare hands, Edem began to move up the ranks. Through her sheer tenacity, and aptitude for violence, she became the captain of her own ship. From there she waged a bloody campaign against the other pirates in the region, bringing them all under her command, establishing Brechenport, and proclaiming her self admiral in command of all pirate forces in the region of The Undersea surrounding The Mushroom City.

She was killed by insane pirates on her own ship after they accidentally brought The Cursed Child in one of their nets.

Admiral Edem Battleborn

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