Underdark Bounty Hunters

A Briefcase Full of Guts

The Misfits go back to school

While Harrumphry and Dwight clean up the murder of Bulbar the Friendly Narcotics Salesman, the rest of the gang set sail for Bonniton University.

The Misfits and Captain Hat took to The Undersea to find Kurgle Bloodnuggets. About a mile from Bonniton, the group found another derelict vessel of gnomish design. It was apparently abandoned, though there were some blood stains of the deck. They found grappling hook marks on the side of the ship and the vessel had a stink of rotting flesh.

Moving on to Bonniton, the group heard several explosions as they approached. Upon reaching the docks, they found several drow warriors tossing gnomish corpses into the sea. They wore the intestines of their slain foes around their necks. Scrungus recognized this group as The Visceral, an elite group of drow warriors led by a demon known as Erevus the All Seeing.

Casting darkness on the boat, the Misfits crashed the boat into the dock while Noewyn teleported the group to the base of the freight elevator leading to the university. However, a purple worm smashed through the elevator causing it to tumble to the ground. The group then teleported to a closet. After leaving the room into the corridor, Kelvin was almost shot by a drow assassin hanging from the ceiling of the elevator shaft but after being spotted, the assassin dropped down the mineshaft.



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