Underdark Bounty Hunters

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The Misfits almost fight competently

After the murder of Bulbar the Friendly Narcotic’s salesman, Harrumphry had to avoid detection of the pirates around Brechenport who had organized a search party to hunt down and kill any members of The Misfits who remained on the island. Harrumphry attempted to track Dwight Delvendeep through the city and eventually picked up his trail. Dwight’s path and trail of corpses led Harrumphry through Brechenport where he learned that even Melina Atherton was organizing a hunt of the group. Fleeing to the docks, Harrumphry attempted to commandeer a large steam ship but realized he could not pilot it, instead settling on a rotting wooden dingy.

After aimlessly floating on the Undersea, Harrumphry came across the same derelict ship that the rest of the group had investigated in the previous session. Commandeering that boat, Harrumphry headed towards Bonniton University. As he approached, he heard explosions. Cutting the engines, he coasted towards the docks. Upon hearing drow voices, and the sound of corpses being thrown into the sea, Harrumphry decided to crash his boat into the docks and bail out the side. Jumping into the water, Harrumphry’s boat crashed into the other boat The Misfits had previously crashed into the docks, killing more drow. Disguised as a collection of refuse, Harrumphry noticed several dead drow which did not appear to have been killed by the boats, or Misfits.

Climbing out of the water, Harrumphry found the main freight elevator into the university had been destroyed. Using a set of stairs next to the elevator, Harrumphry climbed to the university. In the course of his climb, he found the remains of several dead gnomes in various academic regalia. Stripping the corpses, and collecting several books, Harrumphry completed his ascent to the university. Entering through an alarmed emergency exit door and propping the door open with a book.

The rest of the Misfits stood in the corridor and greeter Harrumphry before attempting to find Kurgle Bloodnuggets. Noewyn attempted to locate Kurgle but found him to be in four different locations: his office, the student barracks, the alchemy lab, and the library. Using Noewyn’s ability to teleport between locations, the group first checked his office. After a search, Xiomara found Kurgle’s tuxedo and decided to wear his top hat. Also found in the office was one of Kurgle’s tusks. The group then teleported into the alchemy lab which was on fire.

From the persepective of the drow supply unit in the student barracks an eclectic group of bounty hunters appeared in midair, on fire. Falling to the ground, the group immediately panicked about the unconscious death of a flumph that a human was wearing on his head. After reviving Captain Hat, they turned their attention to the drow who looked upon the spectacle dumbfounded. Noewyn quickly used his powers to drive most of the squad insane, violently attacking themselves, and each other. The two remaining drow surrendered. During interrogation, they found that the drow were there looking for a gnome professor with a background in ancient cultures so they could pursue the Cursed Child. The drow refused to give any further information out of fear ofErevus. Noewyn killed one painlessly, Xiomara killed the other brutally after he made a racial comment about half orcs. After brutally beating him to death, Xiomara felt a significant amount of discomfort with how the drow’s jaw was bashed off in the course of her attack.

Teleporting to the library, Kelvin immediately shot an object coming direcly at him which turned out to be a book. Books were noted to be flying around the room, organizing themselves. The group also immediately came under fire from unknown attackers in the library. They took cover behind a cloud of darkness created by Scrungus. Xiomara and Harrumphry managed to flank two attackers on a balcony and attack them well along. Noewyn used teleportation to place Kelvin on the balcony where he was able to assist in the attack. Scrungus then flew through his cloud of darkness, leaving Noewyn alone where he was attacked by a drow assassin and was almost killed despite using his teleportation abilities to attempt to remove himself from harm. After the other drow were killed and the assassin was restrained by Kelvin, Noweyn was stablilized by Scrungus but only barely survived. Though the assassin was able to escape, the other drow were killed. The group, having found Kurgle who had teleported into the form of a book they escaped into the harbor.

After speaking with Kurgle, it became clear that the drow were there looking forProfessor Quiggleworth, had captured him, and had transported him to the Abyss.



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